Guiding principles

The employees of Wilhelm Grillo Handelsgesellschaft mbH feel committed to follow the role model of Herbert Grillo and thus the tradition of the honorable merchant in all their doings.

Strict adherence to national and international law is granted.

The essential values of our basic ethical principles include:

  • Protection of and equal rights for all employees;
  • Promotion of their well-being and ensuring occupational health and safety;
  • Respect for their personal dignity, privacy and personal rights as well as appropriate payment;
  • Reliable and honest partnership with customers and suppliers taking into account the respective philosophies;
  • Competitive conduct with fairness and integrity supported by our market system's transparency;
  • Establishment and maintenance of partnerships where we can expect the same basic principles;
  • Sensitive and proper handling and protection of our own information and any information shared with third parties as well as business secrets;
  • Attention to and promotion of environmental and data protection by establishing, implementing and continually developing in-house responsibilities and risk management systems that are also responsible for practically implementing trade-specific laws and regulations.

Corruption and bribery as well as forced or compulsory labour and employment of minors disagree with our basic ethical principles.


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