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What it is
The red metal fascinates mainly by its excellent electric and thermal conductivity. Moreover, it is highly ductile and deformable. It is also a component of many alloys, such as brass (with zinc), bronze (with tin) and nickel silver (with zinc and nickel). Melting point: 1,083.4°C, boiling point: 2,567°C, specific weight: 8,96 g/cm³.

Where it is found
Copper (Cu) is one of the oldest known metals. The name goes back to Cyprus where copper was mined in antiquity.

Today the countries with the largest copper mining operations are Chile, Peru, USA, Canada, PR China, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Poland and on the African continent Zambia and Congo.

What it is used for
The most important applications are the electric and electronics industry, the construction industry, transport and mechanical engineering.

How it is traded
Refined copper is usually traded in form of cathodes. The most important products of the first processing stage are wire rod, billets and cakes.


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