The company has been wholly family-owned since 1919 - now in its 5th generation.

Since our foundation in 1919, we are proud of a long journey of innovation and growth. From trading in products for the chemical industry to establishing an international trading business in non-ferrous metals, our history is characterised by commitment, change and continuous development.

Today, we are a strong, family-run organisation with an impressive success story.

Our historical origin.


The founding year

The Wilhelm Grillo Handelsgesellschaft was founded on November 29, 1919. Under the articles of association, the activities ranged from trading in chemical products and raw materials to zinc semi-products.


Work-up phase

In 1947 Wilhelm Grillo Handelsgesellschaft, under the leadership of Herbert Grillo, stood at the beginning of a longer period of establishing an international non-ferrous metal trading business.